Carl's Pizza


Nicole M on Gave Us 5 Stars ***** and said:
I used to live down the street from Carl's and would order delivery all the time!  My family and I have been customers for 15+ years, I even remember when Carl himself would deliver our pizza!!  The place really hasn't changed much over the years.  I see a lot of the same staff which I think is great because to me that says it's a great place to work!  The recipes are still the same as well.  As a family we always order pizza (usually hamburger, jalapenos and black olive- YUM) and I usually order their French Dip (One of my favorites in town!!) I've also gone on lunch before and got their spaghetti w/ mushroom sauce a few times and it's always good!  I also enjoy that they sell flavored cokes (vanilla, cherry, chocolate) which is the perfect addition to any meal there.  I like to go after Nuggets/Broncos games since I don't live that close anymore but I always try to make a special trip up there.